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User Survey Closed

October 10, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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We had hundreds of people answer our user survey yesterday. It was cool to watch the answers come in. We learned a lot of valuable information that will go into sculpting the development of ROBLOX.

Here are some interesting facts from the survey:

  • Building, Exploring, and Fighting are the top three activities people like to do on ROBLOX.
  • You guys love RPGs.
  • You guys don’t think we should change the character to look less blocky.
  • Vehicles that are easy to make and steer is the #1 feature you guys want in ROBLOX.
  • The ROBLOX Team needs to fix lag in places.
  • More character customization is highly desired.

How will we use information from the survey? Well, besides the obvious, working on the things people want the most, it helps us to prioritize features.

For example, since we know a lot of ROBLOXians like RPGs, and since it’s hard to make an RPG in ROBLOX now because we lack in-game portals between worlds, that feature will probably be tackled sooner rather than later.

We feel pretty good about the future since the the stuff we are working on now was rated “extremely important” by everyone who took the survey.

The following five respondants have been randomly selecting to win a 200 R$ bonus for participating: furnace, chocolate2426, kop, totti, and herooftime101.

– Telamon