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The Next 25 Weeks

October 09, 2007

by John Shedletsky



Yesterday lucky ROBLOX users MacGeekPro and EXO got to tour ROBLOX World Headquarters. They were able to check out the pile of toys on my desk, and Builderman gave them a backstage look at how the ROBLOX website works and how we plan what features we want to work on next.

Coming up with new features for ROBLOX is always fun, but it’s sometimes hard to decide which things to work on first.

We sat MacGeekPro and EXO down in our conference room and had them list out all their ideas for stuff we could add to ROBLOX. I wrote out all their ideas on a whiteboard and then put a number next to them – an estimated number of weeks it would take the team to complete the feature. They had 49 weeks worth of work for us to do!

Here’s the list they came up with:

  • Linking places together via portals (1)
  • Adding a pet to the game (4)
  • Masks (1)
  • User-created hats/masks (3)
  • Vehicles (2)
  • Actions/Gestures for the character (2)
  • Better bombs (1)
  • Custom parts (arches, windows, doors, etc) (4)
  • More joint types/motors (3)
  • Better character articulation (2)
  • Easier scripting/custom objects (4)
  • Huge worlds (8)
  • Make the character able to Run (1)
  • Make the character able to Fly (1)
  • Super graphics (4)
  • User image/sticker upload (2)
  • More clothing for the character (2)
  • DRM (copy protection) on shirts, scripts & models (2)
  • Gifting (1)
  • Loans (1)

I gave them 25 weeks and told them to pick which features they wanted the most. If you were in charge of ROBLOX, which things would you have the team work on for the next 25 weeks?

– Telamon