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New Vistas for ROBLOX

October 4, 2007

by John Shedletsky


We just put out a minor update, following on the heels of Monday’s massive release. The major change now is that all Windows Vista machines will default to using the new graphics core, which we believe will work better for most Vista users. It looks cooler too!

The other big change is that we now have a ROBLOX Parents’ section, with helpful information for ROBLOX parents. We’ve got an overview of ROBLOX, what it is, who we are, and what we are doing. There’s a section on keeping kids safe online that outlines what we do to make sure ROBLOX is safe for kids of all ages, as well as provides links to guides on general online safety for kids. There’s a Frequently Asked Questions list relating to Builders Club and premium accounts. There’s also an interesting section on the educational value of ROBLOX versus other online games, and a little bit about the philosophy behind the game. The short version of which is that ROBLOX is a game that involves building things, exercising creativity and engineering skills; these are not skills that many other online games emphasize. We hope these pages are helpful to ROBLOX parents.

– Telamon