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Get The Party Started

October 16, 2007

by Reese McBlox

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Here are the partiers lined up next to their exciting door prizes! Telamon handed out some hats today based on what tickled his fancy. Thanks to all of you who have submitted Roblox related costumes so far!

The party goes until noon on Nov 1, so feel free to stop by.



Awsgames as a ROBLOX Avatar.

He says, "I took some boxes and wrapped them in paper. Got a garage sale sign and wrote an R on it. Then I colored the face."



Rilo dressed as a beginner account Robloxian.

He says, "I cut holes in a box for the mouth and eyes. Then used the colors you start with when you first start ROBLOX."



ZF911 dressed as Builderman before the new shirt.

It was made out of paper, crayons, a marker, scissors, and tape.


STRONGBOY9 dressed as JJ5x5


BurgerKing is dressed as the Roblox HQ in Builderman’s place.

He says, "The Roblox HQ.I made it out of blue paper,pen,tape,stapes, and Cardboard."

 marinusss Marinusss disguised as a Robloxian with a Cowboy Hat.
Zap123 dressed as CPRULEZ, who he is a big fan of. How he made it,

"I got some boxes and cut them to be my torso and legs. My grandmother sewed two pieces of fabric to be arms. And I spray painted the boxes to be red and black. I cut out a plastic pumpkin and used it as a head. I used a red beret to cover up my hair. The legs were just a stand in front of me."


Scoot123 dressed as a Robloxian wearing a Pumpkin Head and jumping. "

I made it by turning a sweatshirt inside out, I put a trick-or-treat basket in the hood. Then I photoshopped the icon on the shirt."


WonkaKid dressed as Builderman.

He says, "I made it by drawing it on a piece of paper, then I stapled it to an orange shirt."

Bloxgirl5 dressed as Jacobxxduel how he used to dress in Roblox.

"I made this costume because this week is homecoming at my school and we have a Mexican day so today I bought this and today I got on Roblox and saw the costume contest and thought about this."


PF2‘s generic block world guy.

He says,

"I made the head from a circular box and I bought the gloves in brown but painted them yellow."




jtm110972 as the 1×1 builing block.


More door prizes and party hats will be given out as people show up to the event. Read how it works below.

-Reese McBlox