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Chronicles of ROBLOX Part 1

October 19, 2007

by reesemcblox


A series of stories describing the origins of Roblox. This is the beginning. More entries will follow.

First, there was nothing.

And as Nothing was, it was absolute. Emptiness. Void. Without being, there was nothing on this measly plane of existence; nothing shone, nothing was created, nothing was revealed.

Nothing was thought.

And then nothing became no more. For what come through the void but a light, infinitesimally small, yet there. Something, and nothing didn’t like it. Nothing didn’t like the light. It didn’t like how it shone there, how it cast it’s rays upon Nothing. It didn’t like how it conflicted with Nothing.

Nothing hated it. Nothing wanted it destroyed, to go back to it’s blankness. And so Nothing sought to destroy the light. It cast it’s shadows upon it, tried to crush it under the weight of emptiness. But the light was resilient. The light didn’t crush, didn’t go out.

Nothing surrounded the light, it tried to destroy it

It grew. Bigger and bigger, hotter and hotter, the light grew more and more, shining brighter and brighter. Nothing was furious. It cast it’s shadows all around the light, but the light pushed on. Bigger and bigger, the light kept expanding until Nothing could no longer contain it. It burst forth from the shadows and expanded even further. But not just light came from this mass, but Matter. Grouping in the corners of Nothing’s existence, falling into place amongst other Matter, emitting more light.

And still growing.

Soon Nothing gave up on the light, it let it grow, and expand, but Nothing still took up the space between the Matter, but it let Light through. It moved Matter, it shaped it, and made it grow tighter and tighter, until it began to shine.