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Stands a Builderman

September 13, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Builderman recently met with a mysterious journalist at a local Starbricks coffee shop to be interviewed for an upcoming tell-all book. The identity of the journalist remains unknown, as she was wearing a paper sack over her head. Around the office we’ve been calling her simply Ms. X.

Ms. X’s book, tentatively entitled “Fait Lux: The Life and Times of a Builderman”, is due out in stores this holiday season. In the meantime, here’s a portion of the interview transcript. Builderman will be signing copies of the new book at an opening event in Bricks & Noble on December 1st.

– – –

Ms. X: How old are you?

BM: 44.

Ms. X: Where did you go to college?

BM: Stanford.

Ms. X: What first inspired the idea for ROBLOX?

BM: Hi – My partner and I always wanted to build the ulimate online

“building toy”.

Ms. X: Are you married, or do you have children?

BM: Yes – married, four kids ages 3-10.

Ms. X: Is ROBLOX headquarters REALLY located in Robloxia?

BM: Nope, we’ve in Redwood City, CA

Ms. X: Who do you see as competition in the virtual world space?

BM: Not as much any one player as the general rising quality of all the

things that kids have access to – movies, video games, online games, you

name it!

Ms. X: Do you plan on keeping ROBLOX a small, kid friendly buisness, or

do you hope to expand Roblox to world-wide perspectives?

BM: We want to expand!

Ms. X: Who do you think is your best employee at ROBLOX?

BM: We’re very careful in who we hire – all are great!

Ms. X: What is in the future for ROBLOX?

BM: We pretty much want to do everything in the suggestions box – everything needs to be bigger, better, and more realistic…

– Telamon