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Spooky Building Contest

September 11, 2007

by Reese McBlox


By popular demand and because we think it’s about time, welcome to the beginning of the Spooky Building Contest! The theme of this contest is spooky, scary, and Halloween type places. Contestants will compete across many categories for awesome prizes, fame and fortune!

Haunted House

But first, an announcement! We are working on a Contest Exclusive Hat that will be awarded to all the winners.

How to Enter

1. Create a new Roblox account.

This new account must start with the letters RSBC.

2. Make a spooky, scary, or silly Halloween themed place.

3. Publish your contest place to your RSBC account.

4. Tell people about your spooky place.


These are special categories to showcase all the different creative skills our players have. The prizes for each category are the same. You can win in multiple categories, as well as Most Visits Overall category. You’ll only get one special hat but the Robux and memberships will stack with each prize you win.

Challenge Prize:

6 Months Builder’s Club membership, Contest Exclusive Hat, 1000 Robux

And the categories are…

  • Best Place with Less Than 200 Bricks
  • Cutest
  • Most Horrifying
  • Halloween Capture the Flag
  • Most Clever Script
  • Best Halloween Model
  • Most Atmospheric Graveyard
  • Creepiest Tree Model
  • Best Use of Zombies
  • Scariest Monster

    Bonus Challenge

  • Most Visits Overall

    Bonus Challenge Prize:

    3 Months Builder’s Club membership, Contest Exclusive Hat, 500 Robux

    As you can see, you can win more than once and there are lots of ways to win!


    YouTube Video Contest

    Make a video about the contest, or telling a Halloween story in Robloxia. The top three people who upload videos to YouTube will also receive prizes. These are the videos that have the most views at midnight, Oct 2. Make sure that you tag your videos with the keywords “Roblox” and “Spooky" so that we can find them.

    Video Contest prizes:

    1st: 12 Months BC Membership, Contest Exclusive Hat, 2000 Robux

    2nd: 6 Months BC Membership, Contest Exclusive Hat, 1000 Robux

    3rd: 3 Months BC Membership, Contest Exclusive Hat, 500 Robux


    The contests will run until midnight on Oct. 2 (Pacific Standard Time). At that point the Roblox Team will start judging and counting visits. Accounts that do not start with the letters “RSBC” will not be counted. Only spooky/Halloween style levels may be uploaded to RSBC accounts, otherwise you will be disqualified.

    What ifs…

    Q: What if I don’t celebrate Halloween?

    A: You can participate anyway if you want to make a spooky or scary place, or a movie. Ask your parents if it’s OK.

    Q: What if I already have a Builder’s Club account?

    A: You will receive the other prizes listed and your account will be extended by the number of months.

    Q: What if I already made a Spooky place?

    A: Save it to your drive using Roblox Studio, make the new account, and then publish your place to the new account.

    -Reese McBlox