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RSBC Update

September 29, 2007

by Reese McBlox


Spooky Places

Wow, it looks like there are almost 80 places entered in this contest, and almost 30 YouTube videos. That’s great!

Some reminders:

The contest ends at midnight (end of the day, 23:59 time) on Tuesday October 2nd. That’s just 4 more days!

The Roblox Team is visiting places and taking notes until that time. Who is on the Roblox Team? All the developers and moderators. We will take a vote for each category to find the winners.

The YouTube contest ends at the same time and is judged by number of visits.

The categories for places…

  • Best Place with Less Than 200 Bricks
  • Cutest
  • Most Horrifying
  • Best Halloween Capture the Flag
  • Most Clever Script
  • Best Halloween Model
  • Most Atmospheric Graveyard
  • Creepiest Tree Model
  • Best Use of Zombies
  • Scariest Monster

    Bonus Challenge

  • Most Visits Overall

    There are some pretty clever things going on in these places. You all should take a look even if you’re not entering the contest. Be sure to read the official contest info below if you want to enter and scope the prizes.

    ** UPDATE ** The winners of this contest will be announced at 2:30PM (Pacific time) on Wednesday Oct 3rd.

  • -Reese McBlox