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Roblox Halloween Costume Contest

September 06, 2007

by Reese McBlox




** UPDATE **  The email to send your pictures to, rules, and prizes for this contest will be announced on Friday,  October 5th.

The Roblox team will be having a Halloween Costume contest next month! We’re letting you know early so you can start working on your costumes.

What is this contest?

Well, we’d love to see some Halloween costumes that are inspired by Roblox! We’ll be asking you to email in photos* of your real world costume. You could dress as your own Robloxian self, or like someone famous from Roblox history, or whatever crazy idea you can come up with! This will be a contest judged by the Roblox Team. You don’t have to send in anything yet. Just get those creative cogs in your brain going and see what you can come up with and make.

The list of prizes is still in the works but everyone who participates will get something. We will officially announce the contest, rules, and prizes on October 5th!

*Be sure to get your parent’s permission about being in this contest. Any photos shown here will have your face covered by a giant dot or maybe you’ll be wearing a mask or Halloween makeup!

-Reese McBlox