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ROBLOX Grand Melee Finals!

August 23, 2007

by John Shedletsky


The gauntlet has been laid down and 16 finalists have advanced to the final round of the Grand Melee competition!

Meet the Finalists

We took the top 16 finishers from round 2, along with two admins who sneaked into the competition. Prizes will be granted to the top 4 non-admin finishers. Clockwork and I will be in the arena, making it hard on people trying to win 🙂


The top 4 winners will take home the fabulous prizes advertised in the first Grand Melee post. The winners will be the four players with the best KO/WO ratio who have also scored at least 50 KOs. Only KOs and WOs from the Grand Melee Final Round map will count. The final round ends Sunday August 26th at midnight, PST.

Sportscaster Video Contest

The best video of the Finals posted to YouTube will win the cameraman a bonus of 500 R$. You do not need to be a finalist in order to win the video contest, but being a finalist will certainly help you get a better view. Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, be sure to post about it on the forums so we know that it exists. The ROBLOX staff will pick their favorite video to win the prize at the conclusion of the competition.

– Telamon