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Paintball Tournament Updates!

August 9, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! Incredible paintball action! Skilled atheletes, armed to the teeth, will compete for distinction! Eight teams enter the gauntlet. Only one can win! It’s all going down August 11th and 12th. Mark your calendars!

Miked has asked me to inform all competitors that they will not be receiving match times from him directly. If you are competing, make sure your team knows when it is supposed to show up. 25,000 ROBUX and 5 Builders Club memberships are on the line, so get your act together. Gamer3D has made a trophy to be given to the winning team (you’ll be able to wear it on your head like a hat – you’ll look ridiculous but everyone will know you’re a deadly with a paintball gun).

Here is the tournament schedule (click for full size image):

Miked, not the ROBLOX team, is managing all aspects of this tournament. He is the ultimate referee and what he says goes. When the dust settles, he’ll let us know who to award prizes to. Miked is on vacation until Friday, so he may be difficult to contact until then.

Check out the PTB team visors in the Catalog – support your favorite team with a piece of PTB memorabilia. We’ll probably be taking this down after the tournament, so act fast!

– Telamon