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Mysterious Objects Sighted!

August 10, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Mysterious objects have been sighted all across Robloxia! They appeared out of nowhere yesterday and many have attached themselves to the heads of Robloxians! Authorities say that they are looking into the mystery.

Meanwhile, certain Robloxian journalists have come to suspect a massive government cover-up. They have found clues in one particular level that may provide hints to the nature of the mysterious objects. Specialists are now being called in to further inspect the site…


Threaded fastener,

Twist around; face them! Hold fast —

Lest they be faster.


Curdled, but dauntless

Struggle for your dignity

But beware of mice


Void Star to zer0,

Foolishly dereferenced.

No call stack. All g0ne.


Dios Achilleus:

One head among thousands when

Illium died in fire


Theories relating to the value of these mysterious objects remain unsubstantiated. One thing that is known: people are coming to droves to buy them out of the ROBLOX Catalog before they disappear forever.

Some people say that the objects are just regular boxes. However, that doesn’t explain alarming reports from people who have purchased Mysterious Object I. After the boxes have been left unattended, some of them levitated off the ground and began to spin around in a clockwise direction.

– Telamon