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A Farewell to Interns…

August 22, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Stoecker and Clockwork both finished their interships with us this past Friday. Clockwork is returning to his senior year in high school. Stoecker is going to be a senior at Stanford, where he will be wrapping up his degree in Computer Science. Both may continue to pop their heads in from time to time.

We’ll all certainly miss the interns. Builders of cool levels, moderation jockeys, movers of heavy objects… *tear*

Before leaving Clockwork and Stoecker compiled a list of intern stats. Behold:


Abuse Reports handled: 6040

Number of noobs punished: 1510

Number of noobs banned: 244

Number of noobs deleted: 237

Time saved moderating: 20 hours 8 minutes

Builderman messages answered: 5300

Time saved answering messages: 56 hours 47 minutes


Number of hats in catalog: 66

Number of hats in catalog made by us: 44 Number of hats made by us: 52

Collective Robux Spent on Our Hats: 496,293


Number of test cycles: 6

– – – Stoecker – – –

Now that he’s gone, I was unceremoniously digging through Stoecker’s stuff. I hadn’t realized that he published the guitar tool that he was working on during his last week. Apparently, no one has noticed it yet, but it is pretty awesome. I’d say check it out!

– – – Clockwork – – – 

 Clockwork, of course, made lots of cool levels while he was here this summer.

Now he’s running what might be called the first serious ROBLOX fan site, and has put a lot of his maps up for download. In addition, he’s created a ROBLOX level calculator that assigns a number score to your ROBLOX account. The top reported score so far is 86. Try it and see how you stack up!

It was great having you guys around, hopefully you’ll come back next year! On the upside, I have a whole four cubicles to myself. Plans are underway to merge them into an ubercubiclecavefort.

– Telamon