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August 20, 2007

by John Shedletsky

Archive Announcements

This Sunday, we passed the 50,000 user mark. That’s a rather large number. When I started working at ROBLOX slightly more than a year ago, I joined as user number 261. Oh yes, things were different back then…

ROBLOX, August 2006:

Here’s a screenshot from the classic ROBLOX level Crossroads. At this time last year, Crossroads was our only multiplayer map. By August 2006, Crossroads had already begun to be reworked into its present form. The thieves’ den and blue tower (my first ROBLOX model) were in place. Erik’s castle and BM’s house with playground would be replaced in September with the present Crossroad features. Crossroads briefly cameoed PilotLuke’s battle tower, pictured in the top center.

Around this time last year, ROBLOX had ~1850 accounts, but very few active players. Take a look at this email Builderman sent out to the team on August 11, 2006: 

Hey guys,

On server duty today – 5 people in-game, a new record!

– David 

Wow. Five players. I see that many people in Miked’s Minigame World when I’m online at three in the morning.

We’ve certainly come a long way, but the ROBLOX Team has no intention of resting on its laurels. We have a host of improvements coming down the pipeline, and hundreds of ideas for making ROBLOX better in all regards. If we keep to it, we’ll be celebrating our 100,000th user before the new year.

For most nostalgia, check out ROBLOX in the Internet Archives, circa August 2006.

– Telamon