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The Black Iron Crown of Pwnage

July 31, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Congratulations go out to Poker_Man29, the first player to achieve 10,000 knockouts. This was accomplished while maintaining close to a 2:1 ratio of KOs/WOs.

In recognition of this feat, we are gifting Poker_Man29 with the first Black Iron Crown of Pwnage.

The Roblox Team intends to roll out a new collection of badges for people who have attained either an insane number of KOs, or an insane number of visits. We’d also like to be able to give exclusive hats to people who earn the tough-to-get badges. This stuff is still in deep alpha, so don’t expect it to happen tomorrow.

Once we can easily grant items to badge winners, we will create a master-level combat badge that awards Black Iron Crowns of Pwnage. We will also create something similar for master-level builders. Until then, Poker_Man29 has the only one! GG.

– Telamon