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Roblox Video Contest Judging Begins…

July 23, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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We should know the results of the video contest by Wednesday!

Check out all the great contest submissions on YouTube.

Stoecker has chosen 17 judges from everyone who applied to be a judge for this contest. The judges are:

  • kjj86
  • ninetailfox
  • jasmine345
  • Jeffrey
  • kingcake
  • MrDoomBringer
  • Poker_Man29
  • darksword824
  • Roboman24
  • PcWiener
  • Myers44
  • haloguy
  • kirby12
  • 90900
  • fireguy650
  • NintendoZACHERY
  • TheShadow

All judges should message the Roblox user videocontest with their top 3 picks (you don’t need to rank the top 3, just list your three favorites). If you are a judge, we need to hear back from you by tomorrow (Tuesday) at midnight, otherwise your votes will not count. Videos will be ranked in order of the number of votes they receive and the winners will be announced on Wednesday.

– Telamon