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Quick Tips to Boost Your Visits

July 5, 2007

by clockwork


Here’s a good tip to boost your visits. I might add more when I think about them.

Games Page

The games page is where people see your game. But more people see if it’s on the first page. So, how do you get it on the first page? Get more people to come. When you have a place, get your friends (1 or 2 is usually good enough) to come to your place, so it gets boosted to hopefully the front page. Then, if your place is good enough, more people will come in! Just keep in mind that people like to gather in popular places, so if you can get a few people to join, a lot more will probably join as well. This works a lot better than just staying AFK (away from keyboard) in a game because games with 1 person in them are on the 2nd and 3rd page.