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Paintball Tournament Match Times and Rules

July 23, 2007

by clockwork


The diagram below will be the general guide for the layout and times for the first half of the tournament.

Click here for the diagram.

Match times:

Find your team on the diagram, then look at the match time in red of your next match. Make sure you are not busy at this time. This diagram will not be 100% accurate though, as some teams will not be able to make the times specified. Every team will given warning of the next match they must attend by PM, which will just say what the diagram does . You should try to make sure you can make the times on the diagram. If a team can’t make it then the captain MUST inform “PaintballTournament” atleast 6hours before the match is due to start so that I can delay the match. If I am told less than 6hours before the time the match starts then you have no choice but to play the match with whatever players turn up. If no players turn up then the team is disqualified. If at any point in the match a team has no players because they all left then the team will be disqualified, so it is important you get as many members of your team playing as possible. The team delaying the match must give a new range of times that they can make to attend a match within 48 hours of the time of the old match (preferably at 3pm GMT or 8pm GMT). If this new time is also missed by the same team they will be disqualified. The other team needs to also be able to make it to the scheduled time. If they cant manage it within 48 hours I will try my best to adjust bits, but if either team is very inflexible they may need to be disqualified as it will only get harder to accomodate for them later. I will be more leaneant when the later stages of the tournament are reached. If your team is in a tricky position with timezones you may have a hard time working things out. It might be that a developer will have to judge a few matches as they are all in a different timezone to me (the most observant of you may have deduced from my GMT time zones and british spelling of “organised” and “apologised” that I am from the UK).

Winning a match:

A paintball match consists of two 15-minute halves, with a 2 minute break in the middle. The team that gets the most points overall (so both the first and second half scores are added together) will win the match and progress to the next stage of the tournament. Points are earned the same way as always; +10 for a KO, -4 for a WO, -8 for teamkilling, +2 for standing in

the white patch in the middle every 6 seconds. There will be no flags because of issues I’ve had with cheating. A team can also win a match the boring way if the other team is

disqualified. The other team is disqualified if no players turn up to the match, or if at any point in the match the other team has no players. I reserve the right to disqualify any team for excessive intentional cheating of any kind (not including shooting through walls – which is so hard to moderate that I will just allow it).

Extra Information and Rules:

– The rules have changed since my original post a month ago. 6 minute rounds are too short – it will take 3 minutes just to reach the other base by walking.

– Only four players on a team can play at any time. If all five team members turn up one will have to watch.

– Matches will not actually start at the time on the chart, officially they will start 10minutes after the time stated, because some people will be slightly late.

– The actual paintball map you will fight in is basically identical to how it usually is, but there is now a viewing area and lobby, no flags, and a lot of scripted stuff. It has been kept under 800 bricks and now has 0 snaps, so lag wont be a problem.

– You can request for the rules to be repeated when you arrive.

– I have beem talking a lot about disqualification. I will try to avoid disqualifying teams because I hate doing it, but I have many teams entering and the tournament is taking a lot of effort and time already, so I cant afford to keep rescheduling matches.

– The semifinals and final may be extended in length to 45mins and 1hour.

Final key points:

– Check your PMs regularly the day before and during the day a match will be held. I will PM each team 24 hours before their next match. Check your PMs an hour or two before your match to see if the other team has delayed it.

– Use the Chart as much as you can.

– Make sure your whole team knows what is going on by contacting them.

– You only need to win 5 matches in a row to win the whole tournament! Good luck!


1st place team:

BC membership for each player + 2500ROBUX each + My Paintball guns for your map + T-shirt

2nd place team:

1000ROBUX for each of the 5 players + My Paintball guns for your map + T-shirt

3rd place team:

500ROBUX for each of the 5 players + T-shirt

And finally, the updated list of teams.

32 teams, 160 players.

Team Name: Superbricks

Player1: Superbrick

Player2: jacbob

Player3: are14

Player4: are92

Player5: superrobloxkiller

Team Color: Red

Team Name: Blue Snipers

Player1: OZZY941

Player2: skyyaraider

Player3: alecrules4

Player4: jerkkiller

Player5: simonpeter

Team Color: Blue

Team Name: Team Slash

Player1: Sling

Player2: Azunai

Player3: Darthvader501

Player4: Heriberto

Player5: Lookatabove

Team Color: Black

Team Name: P.T.W.(Paintball Tournament Winners)

Player1: callofduty

Player2: rusty2

Player3: Bloxgirl5

Player4: Daler

Player5: wfmp

Team Color: Brown

Team Name: Dark Avengers

Player1: sonicheros

Player2: supertacopizzaman

Player3: CyrusX

Player4: UberDarthJango

Player5: LegoLuigi

Team Color: Dark Green

Team Name: Viper

Player1: ToaZuku

Player2: lego_king

Player3: Michigan207

Player4: tubtub

Player5: stang90

Team Color: Dark Grey

Team Name: Rouges of Robloxia

Player1: noobertuber

Player2: Gamer3D

Player3: jacobxxduel

Player4: burgerking

Player5: robo646

Team Color: Grey

Team Name: T-Bone

Player1: Sirloin

Player2: Rombom

Player3: slim1676

Player4: connorbert

Player5: Walyn

Team Color: Green

Team Name: Snipaz

Player1: Blox8

Player2: Silent Strike

Player3: Gannonrulz

Player4: Badboy128

Player5: Whitechoc95

Team Color: Burgundy

Team Name: The RRW Paintball Studs

Player1: JBswim100

Player2: ZipperDude

Player3: Linksuper1fan

Player4: Ryunoku

Player5: alan

Team Color: White

Team Name: Crazy Leopards

Player1: Arinth

Player2: LiBi

Player3: Mortonandroy

Player4: Solid

Player5: Furnace

Team Color: Yellow

Team Name: Nintendo Brawlers

Player1: NintendoBoy

Player2: Sora867

Player3: Chels

Player4: Chino

Player5: Haloguy

Team Color: Light Blue

Team Name: The PaintBrawlers

Player1: Kirby12

Player2: josh44

Player3: kirbymaster

Player4: pika

Player5: TheChosenOne

Team Color: Pink

Team Name: Icy Gods

Player1: legolord2007

Player2: seansaw3

Player3: jimmy347

Player4: rah

Player5: crasher30

Team Color: Shiny Light Blue

Team Name: Super Mario Strikers

Player1: MetalMario

Player2: Ape911

Player3: Hexapoda

Player4: blxhd

Player5: madman1234

Team Color: Light Green

Team Name: Black Archer Wolfs

Player1: SHADOWLINK765

Player2: Zora560

Player3: luigimaster

Player4: skyyraider

Player5: DeltaZero64

Team Color: Shiny Green

Team Name: Monstars

Player1: Koopa

Player2: Vulcan

Player3: Anaminus

Player4: Waffleboy

Player5: Totti

Team Color: Purple


Player1: VICTOR911

Player2: MORGON

Player3: YODAMAN2

Player4: KYUUBI325

Player5: JEDI1

Team Color: Shiny Purple

Team Name: Terminators

Player1: Koontay

Player2: jtm11097

Player3: yadaime

Player4: ehwhat

Player5: stumperman

Team Color: Orange

Team Name: Death Radiers

Player1: kingcake

Player2: psyhal

Player3: acidrayan

Player4: anormalusername1

Player5: sasukeschidori

Team Color: Shiny Orange

Team Name: US Marines

Player1: alecrules3

Player2: roxas1

Player3: ambeR627

Player4: ZLIPRAE

Player5: linkmaster

Team Color: Shiny Grey

Team Name: BlockBusters

Player1: Spyro

Player2: Maripoda

Player3: dirtrider

Player4: Ddunit

Player5: Wwejohncena

Team Color: Gold

Team Name: The Empire

Player1: legomaster5151

Player2: clonearc17

Player3: Tommo

Player4: solidbuilder

Player5: AndyPipkin

Team Color: Shiny Red

Team Name: Soul Reavers

Player1: Protoman765

Player2: Demonz

Player3: shadowmegaman765

Player4: Shadowmario111159

Player5: boxboydx

Team Color: Shiny White

Team Name: Team Cheddly

Player1: Cheddly

Player2: Cindytaoist


Player4: ShadowLuigi

Player5: Mario68

Team Color: Shiny Yellow

Team Name: 007 heroes

Player1: 007cool

Player2: fychordos

Player3: fimoman

Player4: jakv1

Player5: felix97

Team Color: Salmon Pink

Team Name: Lava Fighters

Player1: lavamaster

Player2: CPRULEZ

Player3: goldensonic719

Player4: chorser

Player5: Kadablox

Team Color: Beige

Team Name: Pwners

Player1: Rombom

Player2: MoDaLpHyCo

Player3: AMK152

Player4: Glitchmaster2

Player5: Aquad2

Team Color: Shiny Blue

Team Name: The Destroyers

Player1: abel231

Player2: koko4

Player3: kingjames2304

Player4: hubie4life

Player5: lilchicofrmmiami

Team Color: Shiny Black

Team Name: Flyboys

Player1: Stealth Pilot

Player2: Doctorwho1216

Player3: PCwiener

Player4: RobloxPolice

Player5: Poker_Man29

Team Color: Light Yellow

Team Name: Techno Transformers

Player1: Rocks25

Player2: Jnice

Player3: killercat

Player4: m4dm4rk

Player5: Yoshi322

Team Color: Shiny Pink

Team Name: Super Mario Alpha Mode

Player1: mariobros00

Player2: hall007

Player3: princeyoshi

Player4: wallman

Player5: bdobbins0126

Team Color: Turquoise