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Humorous Video Contest Results

July 25, 2007

by stoecker

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The results are in from the Roblox 1st International Humorous Video Contest! The judges picked three very funny movies:

1st place: “Roblox Gone Crazy” by JJ5x5

Congratulations on winning R$1000 and a custom hat! We hope that singling you out in our previous post did not influence the judges. Message clockwork with your hat request.

2nd place: “Roblox Randomness” by NintendoBoy

He wins R$500. Nicely done! We especially liked the bald people party.

3rd place: “When N00bs Fly” by JustinP231

He wins R$250 for his video of catapulting Robloxians!

Check out all of the other great videos. We hope all the filmmakers and judges had as much fun as we did running the contest. Keep an eye out for more contests in the future, but in the meantime, keep churning out those youtube videos!