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User Marketplace, Capture the Flag, and Heat Seeking Rockets

June 29, 2007

by John Shedletsky


We put a new release of Roblox online around 2pm yesterday. After making sure everything was running fine, we went to our design meeting without telling anyone what we had done. Someone else was wondering aloud whether any user would find the “Sell a shirt” feature before we told everyone about it. I joked that when we got out of our meeting that there would be fifty user shirts for sale. It was more like 75.

Selling Shirts

Builder’s Club members can now make and sell shirts! This was the feature I was alluding to in the post about Matt’s awesome secret demo. I think this feature is really exciting for two reasons: 1) it’s another fun way to make some Robux and 2) it ensures a constant supply of new cool shirts, coming into the catalogue all the time.

This is a Builder’s Club only feature. This is not going to change. However, we will be selling Builder’s Club subscriptions soon.


How to sell a shirt:

  1. Create a shirt. You can only sell shirts that you’ve made.
  2. Find the shirt in your My Stuff section.
  3. Click “Edit this Shirt”
  4. Now you can write a nice title and description for your item. This will show up in the catalogue, so you want to write something good.
  5. Check the “Sell this Item” box at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Set your price. You can sell a shirt for any price you like. However, there is a 1 R$ or 10% (whichever is higher) transaction fee on each shirt you sell.
  7. Your shirt will now appear in the catalogue. You can remove it from sale by going back to the shirt’s page and unchecking the “Sell this item” box.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the shirt market now that there are about 30 people who are able to sell shirts. Will prices remain high? Will everyone sell for super-cheap in order to appear higher in the “Best Selling” list? Or will all good shirts end up costing 14 R$, the price that gives the seller the largest profit percentage? Will widespread bootlegging of shirts become an issue?

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is here! In Capture the Flag games, two or more teams fight to inflitrate an enemy base and steal their flag. A team scores when they bring an enemy flag back to their flag stand. Beware! The flag carrier cannot use weapons while the flag is equipped, and needs to be defended!

How to make your place into a CTF level (no scripting required!):

  1. Open your place in Roblox Studio.
  2. Open the toolbox.
  3. Goto the “Game Objects” tab of the toolbox.
  4. Insert a Red and a Blue Flag Stand into your place.
  5. Insert the Leaderboard script into your place.
  6. Insert at least one Red and one Blue Spawn Location into your place.
  7. Publish your place.
  8. Yes, it is that easy.

If you want to inspect or copy a very simple CTF level, check out my sample CTF place.

RocketPropulsion Object

Erik made a great post yesterday about his new RocketPropulsion object, which will let people make lots of cool things, like heat-seeking rockets. To see a sample usage of this object, check out Erik’s Rocket Mayhem place.

IP Ban

We have implemented IP Banning in this past release. This will allow us to permanently banish problem users from Roblox. If you share a computer or an internet connection with someone else who plays Roblox, make sure that everyone using that connection is playing nice, since an IP Ban blocks specific internet connections, rather than specific user accounts.

New Builder’s Club Members

We used miked’s formula from our BC formula contest to find 20 experienced users to help us test selling shirts and any other upcoming BC features. Unlike BC accounts won in contests, which are lifetime accounts, these accounts expire in six months. When a BC account expires, you get to keep your extra places.

The lucky testers are:





















Website Improvements

Matt and Erik have again improved the performance of the website, so pageloads should remain snappy.


We’ve made some important bug fixes in this release. In particular, you guys can thank Builderman for fixing the spawn bug.

– Telamon