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The Builder’s Club Formula Contest Results!

June 18, 2007

by clockwork


Well, we have finally chosen a formula: Miked’s. His formula beat many other formulas because:

  1. It was a real formula.
  2. It used weighting to calculate the result.
  3. It was complicated.
  4. It wasn’t just adding up random numbers.

I just finished using Excel to compile a massive table of people’s scores. The highest score was, of course, miked’s. However, the lowest score in the list of 20 winners happens to be in the 40-50 range… but we’re not telling you the exact number. And we’re not telling you who gets BC. Yet. And we’re not announcing the feature. Yet.

PS. Admins, people already in BC, and inactive people were excluded from the list, so don’t bother us hoping to free up some slots. Or don’t bother us at all about this.

– Clockwork