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The Builder’s Club Formula Contest

June 15, 2007

by John Shedletsky


I’m kickin’ it back at Roblox Central, writing some C++ code, minding my own business, when all of a sudden Matt announces he’s ready to demo the new feature he’s been working on for the past week or so. Matt gives the best demos. It was awesome. Let me tell you, fellow citizens, I have seen the future of Roblox, and I never want to go back.

We don’t know when we’re going to release this yet-to-be-announced feature, but we do know that to test it, we’re going to need to expand our Builder’s Club test pool. We’re thinking we need between 10-30 additional testers. But how to choose who gets invited to help us out?

The Contest

After the messiness of the last contest, we’ve decided to do something simple and straightforward. We are going to award 10-30 BC Memberships to users. The person with the best formula for how to pick these winners, will win. Something like Builder’s Club Score = Place Visits + Letters in Name + Age + Hats Owned + Shirts Owned * Wipeouts (Don’t use this formula). Do not post criteria to the forum, like “good citizen, lots of wipeouts, good friend.” Got it?

How to Enter

Post your idea to the forum, and explain why your idea is the best. You’re trying to sell us on it, so make it good. We’re hoping to encourage some debate.


The Roblox Team will decide which idea is best, or if we come up with a better idea than anyone else, we’ll do that instead and nobody wins (Muahahaha).

Possible criteria include:

  • Amount of work. Anything that is hard for us to do or involves a lot of work is probably not going to win.
  • Popular support. If you can convince a lot of Robloxians that your idea is the best, we’ll probably just go with what everyone wants.
  • Entertaining. If you entertain us, we will smile upon your suggestion.
  • Complex. If your formula is really complicated but fair, we will like it more.


The contest is over when we find an idea we like.


The person who comes up with the winning idea will get BC Membership and 1000 Ro$. If there’s no single originator for the idea, I’ll reward its chief proponents instead. Or random bystanders. My option. You’ve been warned.

– Telamon