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Robloxia: 30,000 Strong And Growing

June 14, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Roblox added it’s 30,000th user on June 13. We’ve awarded this user, dazoingoz, a 500 Ro$ prize for this because the Roblox Team is feeling pretty good about having 30,000 users. We’re even more proud to say that of these 30,000 accounts, 14,208 belong to active players.

Veteran’s Badge

Roblox has a lot users who have been with us for almost a year now. One of our oldest active users, Bspurrell, posted some ideas in the forums a month or two ago regarding ways to recognize ancient users who have been with us forever. One suggestion was a badge for veterans. And here it is.

Accounts that are a year old will automatically receive the Veteran Badge. It is a silver medallion whose iconography reflects the four principle aspects of Roblox in its first year: making friends, building cool stuff, blowing up cool stuff, and competitive gameplay.

238 accounts have qualified for this medal to date, with many familiar faces to be honored soon. I’m getting mine on the 21st.

– Telamon