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DRBC Winners!

June 13, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Ok, here’s the deal. Two unexpected things happened in this contest: there were more entrants that we anticipated, and there was quite a number of people visiting their own places to drive up visit counts (future contests will not be decided by visit counts). In response to this, I have made two changes to the contest rules after the fact (don’t bother to complain).

  1. Because so many people entered this contest, we’re going to give out extra prizes.
  2. Because of stats manipulation being an issue, we’re revising our scoring metric. A place’s score is equal to NumberOfVisits + (2 * NumberOfUniqueVisitors). The theory is that people spamming their own places for visits were unlikely to be using many multiple accounts to do so. This did not affect the order of the finishers very much, but it did make me feel better about the results.


We are giving out Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes for this contest.

Gold – 5000 RO$, BC Membership, Domino Crown

Silver – 2000 RO$, Domino Crown

Bronze – 1000 RO$, Domino Crown


How to Claim Your Prize

Send a message to Telamon titled “Contest Winner”. In it, supply your DRBC or YouTube account name, and tell me which account(s) you would like your prizes to go to. Teams entries will need to decide how to divide up the prizes before messaging me. After I have heard from everyone, I will do one massive database update and you all will get your stuff!

Main Contest Winners

YouTube Video Contest Winners

Take good care of those Domino Crown hats. Since there are only going to be 13 in existance, you can bet that they will be worth a lot when we allow people to start trading items.

Until next time…

– Telamon