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Domino Rally Building Contest

June 2, 2007

by John Shedletsky



Hio! A new building contest is upon us!

The Contest

Contestants will compete to build the coolest “Domino Rally” style level. This type of level is characterized by having an intricate layout of dominos, such that when the first one is pushed over, something amazing and delightful occurs. Here’s an example level that I whipped up in about half and hour.


There will be three winners. Winners will each receive:

  • Builder’s Club membership, if they don’t have it already
  • 5000 RO$
  • A special trophy hat exclusive to this contest


How to Enter

  1. Make a cool domino rally style level.
  2. Create a new Roblox account. This new account must start with the letters DRBC.
  3. Publish your cool level to your DRBC account.
  4. Tell people about your cool place.


The contest will run until midnight on June 10th (Pacific Standard Time). At that point, the three DRBC accounts with the most visits will be declared the winners.

Accounts that do not start with the letters “DRBC” will not be counted.

Only domino rally style levels may be uploaded to DRBC accounts, otherwise you will be disqualified.

YouTube Video Bonus

The person who makes the best video of a Roblox Domino Rally map and uploads it to YouTube will also win BC Membership, 5000 RO$, and the special trophy hat. This is the video that has the most views at midnight, June 10th. Make sure that you tag your videos with the keywords “Roblox” and “Domino” so that we can find them.

If you are entering the video contest, the level you take a video of does not need to be your own.

If you win the regular contest and the video contest, we will let you collect both prizes, in recognition of your manifest brilliance.

Get to it!

We’ve never had a contest with better prizes, so get to it! You can work in teams if you like, but you will have to figure out amongst yourselves how to divide the loot if your team wins.

– Telamon