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Domino Building Contest Updates

June 05, 2007

by John Shedletsky


104 accounts have entered the Domino Rally Building Contest, roughly twice the number of contestants we had in our last serious building contest. The Domino contest will run until midnight this Sunday. We’ve got a preliminary rundown of the current top 30 scores at the moment.

Before awarding prizes, we’ll be verifying the traffic of the winners, to insure that there will be no further funny business relating to visits stats manipulation. Speaking of prizes, I have finished modeling the special trophy hat that we will be awarding to winners. It’s a metallic crown that prominently features solid gold dominos. A little goofy-looking, but it will be fun to wear to parties.

There are also now a good number of Roblox Domino videos on YouTube – the competition is pretty close so you should go check them out. I won’t link any particular one here to avoid giving anyone an unfair advantage.

– Telamon