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May 14, 2007

by John Shedletsky



A new Roblox release is out! We have two rather exciting improvements in this release. We’re also fixed several crashing bugs…


Perhaps the most-requested feature of all time, we have added money to Roblox. The currency of Robloxia, quite fittingly, shall be known as ROBUX. The ROBUX system is not complete yet – there is nothing to spend ROBUX on yet. However, rather than wait another 2 weeks to release, we thought we would let our current players start earning ROBUX early in preparation for when we allow buying and selling.

How do you get ROBUX? At the moment there are two ways:

  1. Login Bonus – Every day you log into Roblox, you will get 5 ROBUX.
  2. Traffic Award – Every time another user visits your place, you will get 1 ROBUK.

These numbers are highly experimental, and may increase or decrease in the future. In fact, the entire money system is highly experimental and major changes may occur at any time. You heard it here.

Network Improvements

Erik has plied his godlike programming skills on our networking and as a result, some places load as much as three times faster. There should be a noticeable in-game improvement too (less lag), especially when new players are joining a map. In addition, the network code has been instrumented with profiling code, so that we can continue to make significant improvements going forward. We’re not going to stop optimizing until people can play 20 player games, lag free.

– Telamon