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Hats Stats

May 31, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Clockwork and I have been monitoring the Roblox economy since hats were released yesterday. There have been 1472 sales completed since the release. Not surprisingly, the top seller is the red hat. However, the most profitable item at the moment is the viking helm. The data are a little skewed since some items, like the Fedora, were put out later than the others.

Miked, prominent Roblox tycoon83,481 RO$ have been spent so far. However, the amount of money in the economy continues to slowly increase, after a large dip yesterday. Part of this increase is due to 14,000 RO$ of debts the Roblox Team paid off yesterday to various individuals. Possibly citizens are now saving money to buy the more expensive hats, after having purchased all the cheap ones.

At the moment there are 300,904 RO$ outstanding. The Roblox tycoons on the top 20 list control 45,788 RO$, or 15.2% of the money supply. There are 630 Robloxians with over 100 RO$.

– Telamon