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Travelogue: Roblox Museum

April 23, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Hello. This is the first in a series of Travelogue articles, where an explorer visits a place and then writes about their journeys.

Today I’m exploring the Roblox Museum. This will be a seek peek for most of you, as it is currently not open to the general public (though that may change soon).

In the museum lobby, I encountered this amazing dinosaur skeleton. No one was around to stop me, so I climbed onto the display to get a better picture. Rar! The lobby is a very large room. There is a short hallway that goes to the cafeteria, an entrance to the lower floor exhibit hall, and an elevator to the second floor.

I enter the first floor exhibit hall. There is a moving walkway, which slowly carries me past a series of dioramas commemorating some of Robloxia’s greatest builders. I took some pictures – see if you can recognize them all.

Here is a nice mini-map of the Drome Racers level.

This exhibit belongs to one of Robloxia’s most prolific developers, surrounded by his inventions.

TNT in a museum!? Is that safe?

The famous desk of Builderman. I feel humbled looking upon it.

The second floor exhibit hall is filled with iconic artifacts from popular Roblox places.

I feel like I’m in an Andy Warhol. Everyone loves Bloxflakes!

Wallowing in those Bloxflakes made me hungry, so I headed down to the museum cafeteria, where you canget some decent grub. The floor is made out of glass, and you can see mysterious critters swimming around below your feet. After a long day of exploration, I head home.

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– Telamon