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Roblox Bought by Google

April 01, 2007

by John Shedletsky


AP –

Today at 3pm, internet search giant Google announced its aquistion of startup game studio Roblox for a purchase price of 380 million dollars. Roblox is an online building game for kids.

“Google is either brilliant or insane,” said one venture capitalist who wished to remain anonymous. “Sure, sure. The company is working on cutting-edge stuff in a hot area, but the price seems entirely unreal.”

“Online gaming is a multibillion dollar industry and Google wants a piece of a pie,” explained Doug Wilson, an industry insider and Stanford researcher. “Google is ready to work here. With this aquisition, other noobs in this competitive space are going to get pwned. GG no re.” 

We spoke with Roblox founder David Baszucki earlier today, “This merger makes a lot of sense when you think about it,” he said, “Google is buying two things: a rock solid platform on which to build a suite of virtual world games, and they are getting a group of hardcore engineers along in the bargain.”


The market voted with their feet. Less than five minutes after the announcement, Google’s stock price jumped four points. Investors are aglow over the prospects of widespread adoption of Roblox technology.