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Roblox Billboard Contest

April 4, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Time for another Roblox contest! If you’ve been waiting for a good contest to compete in – this is it.


If you have been to Crossroads in the past week or so, you will have noticed the fun Roblox-themed billboards that I’ve put in there. This will be a billboard-making contest. The best six billboards get placed in official Roblox levels and their makers will win wondrous prizes.

How it Works

Contestants will use their favorite image editing software to create a billboard. Billboards must be saved as 256 x 128 pixel image files. Winning billboards will be Roblox-themed – meaning they make sense in the Roblox universe.

The contest will run from now until midnight on Sunday, April 8th, Pacific Standard Time. Winners should be announced next Monday or Tuesday.

On Monday morning, each member of the Roblox Team, including our user moderators FFJosh and MrDoomBringer, will pick their personal favorite of all submitted billboards. Those billboards will win.

How to Enter

When you are ready to submit your billboard, email [email protected]. Make sure that you supply your Roblox account name and that you attach or embed the image in the email. You may enter as many times as you want. 


So what do you get if you win???! Membership to the Builder’s Club – a top secret feature that I really can’t say too much about right now, except:

  • It will not be available to normal users for about a month
  • It will give you five places instead of one, on a single account
  • It will give you other special privileges
  • It may give you access to unreleased test features over time
  • It will give you the Builder’s Club badge

Whether the Membership is permanent or just for a long time hasn’t been decided yet and is really a matter of what is technically feasible on our side.

Q &  A

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Entering multiple times is a good idea, because it increases the odds that the whimsical and capricious jury will select one of your billboards as a winner. You can only win once, however.

Q: I’m MrDoomBringer or  FFJosh, can I still enter?

A: Sure!


– Telamon