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WWC Results!

March 19, 2007

by John Shedletsky


WWC Contest Winners

1. WWCFox1 with 871 visits to his wonder, Statue of Zeus at Olympia

2. WWCBuilder with 830 visits to his wonder, Samurai Fortress

3. WWCPyramids with 598 visits to his wonder, The Great Pyramid of Robloxia

4. WWCAre92 with 496 visits to his wonder, Wonder of the World Pyramid

These players will get a message from me shortly with information on how to collect their prize. If for any reason they or their parents don’t want strange people on the Internet mailing them clothing, we will begin to walk down the list until we have given out 4 Roblox WWC T-Shirts (highly collectible, expect to see them selling on eBay for hundreds of dollars).

Once the T-Shirts have been designed, I’ll post images of them here.

Here are the final standings:

WWC Results

– Telamon