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Name that ROBLOXian…

March 8, 2007

by David Baszucki


We introduced phase one of ROBLOX character customization last night. Kudos to Erik and Matt for their heavy lifting on this.  Can you identify the first six people to create their own custom shirts and characters on ROBLOX late last night?

beige characters

What would you like to see next in character customization?  Some possibilities:

  • 3D hair
  • Body parts – arms, legs, torsos, heads
  • Hats/helmets
  • Gestures/animations – dance, flip, etc.
  • Faces – either single image, or a “face builder”
  • Full shirts with sleeves
  • Backpacks – wings, rockets, etc. 

To mod your character go to your home page and choose “Change Character”.


– Builderman