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Building Contest: Wonders of the World

March 11, 2007

by John Shedletsky


The denizens of the realm paid homage to the divine Two-by-Two. They constructed great monuments so that they might bask in His reflected Glory.

The Histories VII., Heroblockus

By popular demand we are holding another building contest! The theme of this contest is the Four Wonders of the World. You might ask why only four, instead of seven. The answer should be obvious – four is the number of studs on the basic 2×2 brick – and has deep (some would say sacred) significance in Robloxian culture.


Contestants will build a Wonder of the World. In general this means an impressive structure of some sort. You can either build a historical Wonder from the real world, or make up something appropraite for a Wonder of the Roblox world. There is a great article on WikiPedia about the Wonders of the World that might give you some good ideas for projects.

How it Works

This contest will be different than the last one we held, in several ways. The biggest difference is that the community will decide the winners (of which there will be exactly 4). Everyone who enters this contest will create a new account to host their Wonder of the World. The account with the most visits on Saturday, March 17th at midnight (PST) will win first place. The account with the 2nd most will win 2nd place, ect. The top 4 will win prizes.

All content in your contest entry must be original and new. You cannot use any models that you or others have made. This restriction is meant to level the playing field between people who have been playing since September and have a huge collection of models laying around and those who have just started playing.


To celebrate our new customized characters, we’re going to award customized T-shirts to the top 4 winners. Although details are not finalized, they might look a little like this (probably a bit better):

Prize Front

On the front they will say something like “Roblox Master Builder”. The back will have a picture of your winning entry on it, along with the name of your Wonder. This is what the back of BM’s shirt might look like if he won… 

Prize Back

We will ship all over the world, but if win and you’re under 18 you need to ask your parent’s permission before you send us your address. Most parents probably don’t want strange people on the internet sending their kids stuff, and we respect that.

How to Enter

1. Create a new account. Call it whatever you want, but the first 3 letters need to be WWC (for Wonders of the World Contest). Something like “WWC32424” is fine. Accounts that do not start with “WWC” are not eligible to win prizes.

2. Log in with this account and Copy Lock your new place.

3. Rename your place to anything you want, followed by “[WWC]”. This lets everyone know you are participating in the contest.

4. Start building!

5. Publicize your place – when you have something cool, tell your friends about it!


Q: Wait. What if I want to use scripts in my map – do those have to be new and original too?

A: We’re making an exception for scripts, since copying scripts is the best way to learn. You may use all or part of any script that you can find on Roblox.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: Sure. Like we could stop you.

Q: Can a friend and I compete with a joint account?

A: Sure. Although the Roblox Team does not recommend that you share your account password with anyone, if you are good friends with someone it might work out. Limit of 2 shirts sent out for any winning team entry. 

Q: How do I see who is winning right now?

A: Probably the best entries will begin to show up on the Most Popular Places list pretty quickly. Since all contest places have WWC in their name, they should be easy to pick out.

Q: Can I forget the theme and just make a fun map and gets lots of people to visit it?

A: You can, however the Roblox team will disqualify or penalize the score of places that don’t adhere to the contest theme.

– Telamon