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A Day at the Nueva School

March 12, 2007

by John Shedletsky

A Day at the Nueva School

Builderman and I spent today hanging out at the Nueva School’s science fair, where we had a room set aside to do Roblox user testing. We had about 60 kids total play around in a clone of the Community Building room over the course of 4 hours. The three biggest problems users encounted?

1. Characters getting stuck on things.

2. Camera/Character control is hard to learn.

3. Lots of lost connections when using flakey wireless (can we do better?)

I also came up with a theory of what might be causing the insidious join bug – if you are browsing an out-of-date copy of the User Games page and you try to join a game that no longer exists, Bad Things might happen (like the blue sky bug). This issues have been moved to the top of the Fix It list. Thanks to everyone who helped us to uncover them!

– Telamon