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RobloxPolice Gives the Low Down on RobloxPolice

February 7, 2007

by John Shedletsky

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Reports From Robloxia #2

This week we reprise our Reports From Robloxia column, written by you, the citizens of Robloxia. This week’s article is written by RobloxPolice, one of our most accomplished builders and owner of the current #1 all-time most popular place on Roblox. Due to his skills and possibly his account name, people often assume that RobloxPolice is an official Roblox moderator or admin. To set the record straight: this is not the case. Rest assured, the Roblox Team has strong libertarian leanings; we would never set up a police state in Robloxia. Enough introduction, let’s see what RP has to say…

– Telamon

 – – –


A lonely programmer like me writing an article to an international hit! Hi, this is RobloxPolice and I’m here to give the scoop and me and the Police Force of Roblox. A lot of people have been asking me who I am, so I’ll start there…

Who is RobloxPolice?

RobloxPolice is me of course. But to say a little about myself, I’m a 17 year old programmer from the Eastern part of the Bay Area. For those of you who don’t know where that is, it’s by San Fransisco in California. My main hobbies include playing lead guitar for my band, filming local skateboarding videos, painting or drawing great art pieces, and making games. I know at least a dozen programming languages on the computer and have created some really fun games if I don’t say so myself. I created the RobloxPolice account as a secondary to my original account (read the forums to find out which one!). It was mainly an account to hopefully limit the stress on the admins with noob arguments. But it has now turned into a vast empire of hopefully helpful individuals!

How can I be a part of the Police Force?

Well the Police Force is open to the best of Roblox. In order to join you have to be an honest trustworthy person above all! The Police Force is here to help and serve the community of Roblox! Here are the requirements for joining as I posted them in the forums:

  • 5 Badges: Any badges but 5 of them
  • Your KO’s/WO’s ration must be equal to or more then 2:1, this means your official stats.
  • You must maintain your 2:1 kill ratio in battle, this is tested by getting 20 kills with no more then 10 deaths.
  • Building skills are required; this is tested by a 15 minute speed test in the Community Center.
  • You must have NO WARNINGS from admins or moderators.
  • You must be trustworthy and honest. Un-authorized map copiers and rumor spreaders will not be admitted. A simple background check will be run.
  • You will also be tested on you leadership and law abiding ways by a simple legal quiz.


How do you do it!?

I’m not gonna tell you it’s as easy as pie! But I’m sure pie_man would disagree. Being as I said, a game programmer, I’m used to solving the puzzle on “how to build something”. And honestly, I never bothered to learn Lua before I played Roblox! It’s just programming anything in any language always has very “noticeable” characteristics in common. For instance, when I decided to build PONG, I knew a few things to begin with. I knew that to make any game requires a screen of pixels to draw to. And I knew how to draw to pixels! Things like this just make the job easier. But ultimately, it all begins with an idea. And the ideas are always to help make Roblox more fun! I don’t build stuff for my own pleasure. I build it for you!

Any new secrets coming from the Police Force?

Well I can’t release to many details, but yes. There are some goodies coming. There’s some low level secrets like new maps and a new “competition” or “tournament” coming from the Police Force to see who really is the best of Roblox. I plan to start developing more new game types and possibly the First RPG map of Roblox History. But we’ll see what happens.

My props and shout-outs

I don’t just make awesome maps: sometimes I visit awesome maps and talk to other awesome people! So I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite maps not affiliated with me…

– RobloxPolice