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Encyclopedia Robloxica

February 5, 2007

by John Shedletsky


… and the secrets of the universe would be enscribed in an arcane language, spoken of only in hushed tones, and known simply as ‘Lua’ – the tongue of the gods; the vital force underlying all creation. One day it was told that a prophet would come and write a tome that would relate the cryptic ways of Lua to man, that man might learn it and bask in the reflected glory of Two-by-Two.

The Chronicles of Roblox, VIII.512

mr doom bringer

The Roblox Community owes a debt to MrDoomBringer who has recently reworked the Roblox Wiki into a cleaner, more elegant, and fun-looking form. The Roblox Team has wanted to overhaul our documentation for months now, but we have been too busy writing code to write docs. Beyond adding templates and formatting to existing articles, the most exciting areas of change that MrDoomBringer has made to the wiki is the Player Created content section, where users can post details about their own creations, and the Lua section, which has been steadily amassing code snippets for doing different tasks in Roblox. There is actually enough Lua documentation on the wiki now that someone who was familiar with basic programming concepts could probably learn Roblox scripting in less than a day.

Take a look at our new front page:


The hope is that our more sophisticated users will continue to expand the wiki over time until it becomes an encyclopedia of Roblox knowledge. We welcome literate contributions to the wiki – if you think you might post something, please read the Roblox Wiki Editting Policy.