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Code Bomb

February 16, 2007

by John Shedletsky


We’ve just pushed a major release out the door! What’s in it?

  • Tools. These are items that can be picked up, dropped (press backspace), and appear in your hand when you use them. They use Meshes and look cool.
  • Teams. Team games now have engine support. This means a custom leaderboard and player names are printed in team colors above the chacter.
  • New map. The team map BrickBattle: Glass Houses.
  • Website made faster.
  • Stats now appear in drop-down panel.
  • New default starting place for new users.
  • A large number of crash bugs fixed.
  • A number of Studio annoyances fixed.

Tools and Teams are both highly experimental and have only been minimally tested. In addition, we may be changing how Tools and Teams work from Lua. Scripts written against Tools or Teams will probably break in a future release. So if you are thinking about adding them to your map, you have been warned.

Some initial Tools and Team docs have been published to the wiki – I may write some articles soon that show how to use them in your maps.

Post any bugs you find to the Support forum – we will be working through these Friday and early next week for the next release.

– Telamon