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There is no “i” in Team.

January 26, 2007

by John Shedletsky


What a fatuous thing to say. When it comes to motivational sentiments about teams, I prefer the following:


But I make light of a very important issue. Ever since the beginning of Roblox, players have spontaneously organized themselves into teams and armies. The trend towards mega-armies seemed to die out on the site around November. This probably coincides with the point when we had gathered more users than one social clique could accomodate. However, the demand for team games has not died on Roblox. Quite the opposite. Take a look at this chart from early this morning:

popular team games

If you like to keep track of statistics like I do, you will notice that the top two places on this list are outliers. 564 and 477 visits in one day is an insane number of visits, considering that no longer than a week ago a number like 142 would have been enough to be #1 on this chart. Both the #1 and #2 places on this chart have earned Bricksmith badges in less than two days. Together they are more popular than the next 13 places on this list combined. What do these top two places have that the others don’t? Two things: 1) team play and 2) vehicles. We’ll get to the second one another day. Today I’m talking about teams.

The Roblox team has been planning to add teams to the game since December. I’ve personally been working on developing team support in the engine for about a week now. Today I came in and got them mostly working, so I thought it would be a good time to spill some info on this Deep Alpha feature.

Team Leaderboard

Keep in mind this is a work in progress – the final product should look more polished. What you are seeing is a team leaderboard for a basic Red vs. Blue BrickBattle game. We have built team support directly into Roblox, so while making a team game today requires a tour de force display of scripting knowledge, in the future anyone will be able to do it – possibly without writing a single line of lua. That is not to say that teams and the team leaderboard will not be very customizable if you know scripting.

team properties

Anyone who has played around with Roblox Studio will recognize what we have done here. A Teams service has been created, similar to the Players service, that contains 0 to N Team objects. These team objects have properties that let you customize how they will appear in-game and on the leaderboard. Isn’t this exciting? You can probably guess where we are going once basic team support is in place…

– Telamon