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The Bloxxers Club

January 8, 2007

by John Shedletsky


As of this afternoon, there are 44 people on Roblox who have earned the prestigious Bloxxer badge. We have stats logged in our database for more than 2500 users, meaning that only 1.76% of all players have been able to earn this badge so far.

Thanks go out to Matt Dusek who helped me to write the SQL incantation to retrieve these stats and Builderman, who demonstrated some cool Excel tricks. If you are as obsessed with numbers as I am, you might enjoy this table I made, listing everyone who has a Bloxxer. We may use data like this to calibrate a future combat badge that is harder to get than a Bloxxer…

Stand-outs here for deadliness are killing_machine_91 and koopa, the only players to have better than a 4:1 KO/WO ratio.

The Bloxxers Club