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Reports From Robloxia

January 30, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Last week the Roblox team decided we would like to experiment with a “Reports From Robloxia” column written directly by our players for the Roblog. I solicited articles from a few of Robloxia’s finest builders and brick warriors, offering them the chance to write about whatever they like. Koopa was the first person to get back to me with an article. Koopa is a winner of our recent Homestead Contest, an expert builder, and one of only three Robloxians with a 4:1 KO/WO ratio.

– Telamon


“This is awesome!”

That is exactly what I told my friend who first showed me Roblox. Ever since then I have been playing this game pretty regularly. It really took me a while to kinda get good at this game – like some of you out there I was a total noob – but after a while and some practice vs. some of the better players like killing_machine91. I actually got good at the game. So for all of you new players out there I am going to let you in on some little tricks and tips I found out.

Battle Tips

Ok well let’s see here – I’ll just start listing them – let’s say you are fighting someone and you and that person are not that far away. When this happens normally I like to whip out my rocket and shoot near them and close to the ground. Now you might be like why close to the ground – well the answer for this would be that you don’t have to hit the person you just have to get the explosion of the rocket to hit them to kill them. Sometimes the person gets lucky and just loses a leg. Another little trick I like to use is what I call head bouncing. So here is the situation someone is shooting from an area up above you – well obviously they have the advantage in most situations by being higher up. So my solution is the super ball. I get out that weapon and aim to hit their head. Now this won’t get you a one hit kill but hey it is more fun for you. If you have a nice shot it will hit your opponent right square in the head and their character will guy flipped over onto their back and bounce around for a bit, fun eh? Well since I don[‘ want to give away all of my little secrets and tricks here is the last one. Every once in a while you have to go up against a person who is good with the rocket. Well instead of dodging their rockets I like to shoot them down with a super ball. This way you can keep your position, you don’t have to worry about stuff falling down or hitting you, and just on some rare occasions if you do this quick enough the persons rocket will explode right on top of them. Oh yea when fighting if you want to stay alive remember to jump every now and then – ok, I am done now with tips and tricks.

Cool Maps

So what maps are cool out there – well that is all a personal opinion don’t you think? But here are the ones that I like right now. Thunderstealth’s Place, it is very, very fun lots of action and tanks and killer robots ah what more do ya want? PoliceLabs5Real’s CTF Demo Version: Navial Battle, don’t ask me why he spelled it navial – I think it should be naval. Anyways that place is pretty fun I love boats and CTF so it is just about perfect for me – the only thing that ruins it is the own team killers – so might I suggest don’t kill your own team while you are there. Hey one of my other favorite places is well my own place Traveler’s Tale – even though it is not well the best quality compared to some other peoples ideas, when you have put a lot of time into your very own map it makes it about twice as good as what other people think it – probably just because you made – although I really don’t know why. My all-time favorite brick battle arena is definitely without a doubt The Crossroads. Just all around great place to battle, own people, and talk – well it depends who is there lol.


Now of course after listing to you all the places I like the most I am going to tell you what I think the coolest users are besides me of course, I mean come on I am the coolest (hope you all got the sarcasm there). These people you definitely want to be friends with. Thunderstealth a.k.a Pilotluke he is a good builder, Robloxpolice and his MANY other accounts lol this guys knows a ton about scripting. Miked is a cool guy, good battler and builder. Rocks25 is a fun guy to battle with or against. Epikachu or whatever is accounts names are, DrWaffles he is great, although I am not sure if he accepts friend request unless you are in his army, That’s all of the guys I can think of at the moment – oh yea and all of the admins are cool guys. Don’t forget me either lol. Well that about wraps things up for me telling you guys stuff. Man! This has gotta be the most I have written about any type of Roblox thing since well – since I was on as Beast – wow good memories. Well have fun on the game everyone see ya around Roblox.