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“Report Abuse!!!”

January 31, 2007

by Erik Cassel


Every regular Robloxian has by now noticed the ubiquitous “Report Abuse” button. As of this week it has crept into the game itself in the guise of a rather surprised looking yellow smiley.

Report Abuse

ROBLOX is a kid-friendly site. We work hard to make our community reasonably safe for young and old alike. That is why we don’t tolerate profanity, threatening behavior, phishing for passwords, impersonating an administrator, spamming, advertising, etc.

Each time you submit an abuse report using our automated system we review the report and take appropriate action. We will read the forum post, view a user’s profile, or comb through a transcript of in-game chat to see what is going on. We will then take appropriate action, such as a reminder to be nice, a warning, a temporary ban, or account deletion.

Questions, Questions

Hey Builderman! Which words are naughty? Can I say “¥αβ©π®@!”?

If you are asking these questions and thinking about the consequences of your actions, then there is a good chance you’re behavior is just fine. There are clearly utterances that are bad, some that are OK, and many things in the vast gray area in-between. We will make the call.

When does good-natured competition turn into a mean-spirited threat?

Think of Roblox as a vast neighborhood street. Kids play together, argue, make up rules, and learn how to get along by resolving conflicts. Be sensitive to how what you say will make others feel.

The Boy Who Cried “Wolf!”

Like nearly everything else in ROBLOX, the moderation system is in its infancy. But spamming the moderation system with repeated, bogus abuse reports won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it’ll soon put your abuse reports on the bottom of our priority list. So, only submit an abuse report if you feel somebody is doing something inappropriate.

Finally, we can’t do much about somebody who annoys you by breaking up your house in the Community Construction Site. But watch out: some day that annoying noob might find himself ostracized from the community. You’ve seen the first taste of that with the “Friends-Only” feature.

‘Nuff said. Let’s play!