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Homestead Furniture Making Contest

January 17, 2007

by John Shedletsky



All Winners: All winning models get immortalized in the Roblox Toolbox. Thousands will see your work and hundreds will make use of it.

Grand Prize: The contestant with the most solid portfolio of work submitted to the contest, being either a collection of models, or one totally awesome model, as judged by the Roblox staff will win a one-time customized character of their own design! This includes selecting part colors and optional submission of a 107×128 pixel torso decal (so long as the graphic is not copyrighted). “One-time” means we’ll set it up the way you want, but we don’t guarantee any sort of permanence or support in the future when we roll out customizable avatars for everyone.


The Contest

We’ve decided that the default Roblox starting places are lame and need revamping. To this end, I have created a house for starting players that looks remarkably like the house on the Homestead Badge.

The house starts off empty. The idea is that new players will insert furniture to customize their house and add landscaping to make it more interesting.

To make this process super-easy, I am going to add a “Furniture” tab to the standard Roblox Toolbox. I am then going to select 15-25 outstanding furniture models of standard house stuff (table, chairs, sofas, TVs, ovens, refrigerators, beds, ect ect) and include them in the Toolbox. This is where you come in. Instead of recycling the same old furniture from Roblox World Headquarters or the Haunted Mansion, we want brand-new stuff.


1. Publish your entry as a model.

2. Post a link to your model on the Homestead Contest thread in the Creations Forum, along with a brief description.


All submissions must be original. Winners will be judged on a rolling basis. This means as they come in. When we get enough good stuff, the contest is over and we will announce the Grand Prize winner. You can make whatever furniture you think would be cool, but we’re looking for variety. So once we’ve chosen five winning chairs, probably no other chair submission is going to win. Multiple entries are encouraged! If you submit multiple things, please use the same account name for each submission so that I can track people’s portfolios for the Grand Prize. Enter early and often!

Judging Criteria

Points awarded to entries on the basis of: creativity, construction, attention to detail, attention to scale. Remember that the point of this exercise is to provide new players with cool furniture for their house.

Bonus Points

Since I know someone is going to ask, the first person to post a decent description of how to create and publish a model to Roblox on the Homestead Contest thread will get bonus points in the judging (hey, it could be enough to break a tie).