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Bloxxers Who Roxor

January 23, 2007

by John Shedletsky


More interesting factoids, mined from the Roblox database. I am working on a set of additional badges for a future release. New badges fall into one of two categories: they are either entirely unlike any existing badge, or they are “higher level” versions of existing badges. Designing good badges is tricky. If a badge is too easy to get, it is pointless. If a badge is impossible to get, it is pointless. A badge that is challenging to get is fun.

One “higher level” badge I am thinking of making is a more difficult to get version of the Bloxxer badge. At the moment, 64 Robloxians have bloxxers. Using my January 8 post as a reference point, one can say that about 1.3 users earn Bloxxers every day on Roblox. Roughly 2% of all Robloxians have Bloxxers. This means they are already pretty hard to get. Whether or not it is worthwhile to make a badge that less than 2% of Robloxians will ever earn is a point of debate. However, after looking at the data below, I propose a badge with the following requirements:

Bloxxer++ (Suggest a cool sounding name)

Requires: Knockouts > 500, Knockouts > (Wipeouts * 2)

We are already planning to make an upgrade of the basic combat badge (Champion Badge), that anyone can get by playing long enough. The Bloxxer++ badge (whatever we decide to call it) is intended to mark the true elite of Robloxia’s battlefields.


Requires: Knockouts > 1000

I am also toying around with an idea for a badge that is intended to show that you like to fight and is awarded whether or not you are good at it. Do people like this idea?

Veteran of a Thousand Battles Badge

Requires: Knockouts + Wipeouts > 1000

I am planning some non-combat oriented badges too – they are potentially even more interesting to talk about, but I’m not ready to spill the beans on those yet. I’m interested in hearing player feedback about these and other combat badges. The following table of all players with Bloxxers might inform your commentary.

Bloxxers Who Roxor

– Telamon