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2006 in Review

January 01, 2007

by John Shedletsky


Happy New Years, people!

I’ve been taking it easy the last week and a half, chillaxing in Rehoboth Beach, DE. You might not think that that would be a good place to be in the middle of winter, but you would be wrong, it was great. Luckily for you guys, while I was admiring nature, eating delicious pastries, and catching up on my Peter Molyneux games (also known as “doing research”), Builderman was slaving away in the pixel mines. So we may see a new release this week. Unless there’s a cave-in.

The Roblog often looks forward towards new features that we have been thinking about, but today I’m going to look backwards at what we accomplished in 2006.

  1. Erik single-handedly put together the first gen Roblox website
  2. Builderman flips out and writes a physics engine
  3. Roblox goes live with multiplayer action online.
  4. John Shedletsky, some random CS grad we found joins the team.
  5. Leaderboard added to BrickBattle
  6. Slingshot, rocket launcher, wall builder, superball, time bomb, and flamethrower added to game
  7. Community building game added
  8. Crossroads, Chaos Canyon, Haunted Mansion, and Santa’s Winter Stronghold levels added
  9. Mesh support added to Roblox
  10. Matt Dusek, web development prodigy joins the team.
  11. Friends and messaging added to Roblox
  12. User places made multiplayer
  13. Players get personal inventories
  14. Badges added to Roblox
  15. Stats added to Roblox
  16. Image server conquered
  17. Erik fortifies the borders of his desk to defend against my army of evil robotic killing machines
  18. Roblog comes online
  19. Builderman flips out and writes a physics engine
  20. No one finds the rare armor
  21. Searching through people, places, and things added
  22. New Toolbox added
  23. Improvements to network performance made
  24. One hundred thousand bugs created; one million bugs fixed
  25. 10,000+ users added

There are about 25 other things I didn’t mention, so when you break it down, we knocked off one item from this list every week.

We’re doing a wrap-up of things left dangling from 2006 right now and then we will launch into an exciting new design phase where nothing less than the very future of Roblox will be decided. Dramatic and true.

– Telamon