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Now We Are 10,000

December 11, 2006

by John Shedletsky


Sometime over the weekend we reached a milestone: our 10,000th Roblox user account was registered by “destroyman”. I haven’t seen him online yet, so maybe he is just sitting on it until he can flip it for a profit on eBay. We would love to be able to award our 10,000th user some sort of prize, but we don’t have anything to give at the moment. Maybe the 20,000th user will be more fortunate.

stcsean47 writes:

Who was the original creator of the crossroads? Tell the truth!

Original Crossroads

For the time being, I am more or less the designer and maintainer of all official Roblox levels. But it wasn’t always this way. I joined the Roblox team just as they were rolling out the first multiplayer Roblox level – a very early version of Crossroads. This version featured a castle made by Erik and a white house and playground constructed by Builderman. There were two weapons: the slingshot and the rocket launcher. I remember the first time we noticed a user, “dergenx”, actually playing our game, everyone on the team got on and played with him for an hour. It was very exciting. Since the original Crossroads was published, it has been added onto many times as we push the state of the art forward. I took over managing the official maps soon after the first version of Crossroads was released.

I have uploaded the original Crossroads to Roblox. You can visit it here. If you check it out, I think you will see that we have come a very long way in the past couple of months.

Our development process may seem slow to the outside observer. We manage to put out a major feature release every month, more or less. We put out minor feature releases and bugfix releases whenever we can, generally at least twice a month. That’s a development cycle of ten days for some features. In comparison, tradition software companies like Microsoft tend to put out new versions of stuff every 18 months. It may be true that Office 2007 has a more complicated codebase than Roblox (maybe), but it is also true that 18 months is a lot longer than 10 days. We must be insane.